A case study is a great thing for a business to write and publish.  It’s a distinct insight into a particular topic, illustrating the wider point by focusing on the specific.  I really need to write more of them myself!

These photos were commissioned by an existing client, Novah Lighting.  I’ve worked for them for a few years, photographing new lights for their catalogue and online sales platform – white background, highlighting details and special features.

All good stuff, but when they contacted me about photographing installed lights in two different locations, I jumped at the opportunity.  If you know me at all, you know that out on location is where I’m in my element.  And this particular job had a different aspect to it.  While photography is all about capturing the light (‘photograph’ comes from the Ancient Greek words ‘photo’ (light) and ‘graph’ (to draw)), on this occasion that’s literally what I was being asked to do!  Not just photograph the interior of a building, but to draw emphasis on the lighting – something that, usually, gets ignored by our brains.

Challenge accepted!

(Disclaimer: I did the same thing for them once before, and blogged about it here).  I enjoyed the challenge of that job so much I hoped they would ask me to shoot another case study for them – and they did – twice!)


The photos I’ve included show the range of workplace settings in this particular company – a manufacturing plant with storage and office facilities.  It’s typical of many such businesses.  And, as such, shows off Novah’s products by displaying how they look in situ, and how they brighten different spaces.

Maybe you’re planning a case study for your own business?  Whatever it is that you do, I’m happy to have a chat about what you’ve in mind and how some photos can best illustrate the point.  After all, showing, not telling, is a far more effective way of marketing isn’t it?

Feel free to get hold of me via the contact form here or email me at info@martinhambleton.com to talk further.