Problem solving is what commercial photography is all about.  Really?

Well, yes.

You see, clients tend to fall into one of two categories.  The first one, and this is the bigger of the two, contains people who don’t really know what they want in a photo.  They might make a fantastic product, or offer a first class service, but they don’t know how to get that excellence across.  Or, a smaller second category, they might have a brilliant idea for a photo, but they don’t know how to turn that idea into reality.  My job is to solve that problem, no matter which category you’re in.  By using my photographic skills, mixed with an understanding of visual marketing, I create the images to show off your brilliance.

Shooting products might seem simple at first, but when you consider the massive volume of imagery out there, it’s not.  We’re bombarded by photos every single day, everywhere we look.  For your shots of your product to stand out from the crowd, they need something special about them.  Even apparently simple eBay style imagery must be good enough to convey the look, feel and quality of a product.  Apparently straightforward photos have to do a difficult job – to let the viewer imagine they’re holding the product in their hand; feeling the weight of it; assessing how well constructed it is; how likely it is to break or fall apart.  All things that our brains can work out in real life have to be done by a bunch of pixels.

Advertising and branding imagery too needs to get across the essence of a product.  It needs to make the viewer interested (or even better, intrigued).  It needs to contain something that catches the eye, and holds it.  It must make your product look enticing, appetising, desirable ……. the list goes one and on.

The problem is worse for you if you offer a service rather than a physical product.  Usually, you want to convey how great you are at what you do, but that isn’t always easy.  Again, that’s where I come in to offer a solution to the problem. I take photos showing you at work, or what a close-knit team you are, or just simply what lovely people!  It’s too easy when you’re involved in the day-to-day running of your business to assume that there’s nothing interesting or noteworthy about what you do.  That’s simply not true.  You’re just too deeply involved to see it.  I bring a fresh eye to what you do and combine it with my photographic ability to make photos that get across your USP, and why you’re so great at it.

Here’s just a small selection of recent shoots that illustrate these points.  Shots for a start up, service industries, wholesalers and retailers.   But all essentially doing the same thing – conveying something about the company, done in an eye catching way.

No matter the size of your business, you need great marketing imagery to keep pushing your message.  If reading this has given you food for thought, or made you realise you need to improve how you present your brand to the world, please get in touch for a chat.