Personal branding photography is an important facet of modern marketing and, as a people photographer, something that I can really see the value of.

I was contacted by friend and colleague Andy Johnson in early March, to discuss taking some photos of a new business venture.  He was starting a business offering training in presentation skills along with his business partner Pete Carroll; called ‘How to Wow’ it will help you present like a real professional.  An experienced TV journalist and actor coming together to share their expertise; what kind of photos would best represent that?

Well, they’d booked a suite in Media City for the day to make some promotional videos, so that was a great starting point.  Obviously, such a business relies heavily on the people behind it, so this would be all about portraits of the two of them.  We needed to get across their personalities, their ease in front of a camera, and a suggestion of their working together.  As we were meeting on the set of a location shoot, it was also a great idea, I thought, to incorporate that into some of the portraits.

So, as well as some individual and pair shots, I wanted to create some that showed them in front of camera.  These were actually shot close to documentary (I might have just invented a new genre there), as both guys were rehearsing their presentations to camera as I photographed them.  Plus, who could resist going for a walk around Media City on a beautiful spring day to take advantage of the amazing location and weather?  So some outdoor portraits completed the set.  (It’s amazing to write those last two sentences, seven weeks into Lockdown).

personal branding photography for Johnson and Carroll personal branding shot of Pete Carroll presenting to camera personal branding photography of tv presenter Andy Johnson This is just a selection of the photos provided, but you get the idea.  There’s a combination of individual and pair shots, both posed and ‘at work’.  They will provide the visual idea of the training on offer, as well as giving you a clear idea of who you’ll be receiving training from.

For more information on How to Wow contact Andy at or Pete at

I’m writing this post a day after it’s been announced that Lockdown measures are starting to be eased.  So, it looks like we’ll be able to meet to shoot commissions like this in the not too distant future.  If you’ve a project in mind that’s about to restart, or one that you’ve thought up while in Lockdown, feel free to give me a call to discuss it.  Even with social distancing measures still in place, it’s entirely possible to shoot great portraits and documentary shots like the ones above.