Thanks to social media it’s much easier for a local business to get its message across nowadays.

I’m often asked to create a library of photos for social media use by a local business and there’s a series of steps to follow.

The first thing I do is talk to you about the business.  I want to find out about what you do, get a sense of what your values are, and of what you hope to achieve with a social media campaign.  This forms the basis of the photos that we’ll make (please notice the pronoun ‘we’ – the point is it’s a collaboration.  We work together to create the photos that you’re going to use).

I always ask which platforms you’re going to use, and who is in charge of the accounts.  I want to talk to the person who’s writing the tweets or posts, to get an understanding of what ideas they have and how they see the account developing.  This is especially important if I’m going to be working with a company on a medium to long term basis, shooting several times and over a long time frame, as there will be liaison and discussion of the shape the campaigns are taking, taking decisions on whether things need to be tweaked as they go along, and so on.  It’s good to know from the off that we’re on the same page, and that we can keep each other updated as the campaign progresses.  And, as I said above, it’s a collaboration.

I’ve posted below examples of the kinds of photos that work well on social media.  Showing company branding is important, of course, as you want to place it in people’s minds, and a few posed portraits or group shots for PR use, but if you’re telling a story about your business, what it stands for, and what it’s really about, then it’s more important to concentrate on the staff ‘doing what they do best’, and usually doing it with a smile on their face!  That is what potential customers want to see.  That human connection is vital.  (It’s worth pointing out that many of these photos will also end up populating website pages, or blog posts – so there’s great value to be had from them!)

branding for local business 3MC branding photo for local business 3MC staff in call centre of local business logo of local business 3MC man at laptop using headset in local business setting staff members interacting in local business office setting two staff members talking over computer in local business man speaking on phone in local business office

This kind of photography is about getting under the skin of a company by looking at it with a fresh pair of eyes, and creating photos that show what really makes it tick.  When you’re working in a business every day, it’s easy to miss those important little details that make it tick.  My job is to spot and capture them for you, for you to show to your potential customers just how good you are at what you do.  And, more importantly, what makes you unique, and uniquely good at what you do.  If you’d like to see more examples of this kind of work, please click here and here.

Interested in talking more?  I’m easy to get hold of.  Just call me on 07766 815703 or fill in the contact form and I’ll get back to you.